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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tuesday April 23, 2013- Woop Woop Weigh in day!

This WEEK IS ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION AWARENESS WEEK IF YOU WANT TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR LOOK INTO YOUR SPECIFIC PROVINCE OR COUNTRIES POLICIES ON HOW TO BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR. "LEAVE YOUR ORGANS HERE ON EARTH CAUSE HEAVEN KNOWS YOU DON'T NEED THEM THERE" So this morning is the official third weigh in since I've started on tube feeds and yup Woop Woop I went from 35.8 kg (78.8 pounds) to 37 kg (81.4 pounds) since Friday. So 1.2 kg or 2.6 pounds. Must be all the body building I've been doing at the gym. My base line weight is apprix 42kg (92 pounds) so if I can at least make it back to my base line and beyond it will give me more of a chance to be stronger after transplant. Pretty soon everyone can call e "Fat Ames" referenced from pitch perfect which I'm sure you have all seen! Today I had a busy morning i actually feel like I haven't stopped all day. It started off waking up getting usual vital signs and meds and just as I was starting my breakfast the Occupational Therapist came in to show me what programs were on the 6 week transplant exercise and getting ready for transplant schedule. I had done soe of the classes in the past with my first transplant but they didn't really offer as much as they do now. They even now have support group classes were you can listen and learn from others in the group. I am sneaking in on a few of the other groups classes while I'm in here and then will be officially with abgroup who is there for there 6 week pre transplant evaluations and some needing second transplants. So today while I was half way thru my breakfast at 9:15 I was told that a porter would be here to pick me up at 9:30 instead of 9:45 like originally planned. So yup 15 minutes to get my butt out of bed and try and get ready. NO shower for this stinky lady then other gym members may not have appreciated me today! The class I took today was about an hour long and it was about sleep habits and hygiene and different ways to get proper sleep and how important it is to nap when needed and different thing that can be done to helpvfall asleep or things to do not before bed. Found out that the bedroomis only to be used for two things sleeping and sex. Anything else should take place in a different room so your mind can feel at rest when walking into the bedroom. Watching tv and IPads are no nos but they work for some people as I learnt today the majority if the people in my group dont have problems sleeping. We had to discuss what our nightly routines are when getting ready for bed and people said they have a light snack, watch tv, go on there computers and some even said they relax down stairs and both eventually fall asleep in there chairs and then eventually just move up to bed. I was the youngest person in the class so I told them what I have been doing for awhile especially since getting sick. I usually have a bath with candles every night and just meditateband relax that way I'm relaxed beforeni go to bed. Sometime I read as well and well ya sometimes I amto relaxed and fall asleep that's when I k ow it's been a good bath. Don't worry o always wake up before my face hits the water. Still It takes my mind about an hour to calm Dow. Before I can actually fall asleep once I am in bed. And our nightly routine is running the fan it tends to calm me as well and. Drown out another noises especially Rod and Ryders snoring! Man some nights they are so loud I have to go sleep Donwn stairs. Anyways the gym was better then yesterday at least I checked the incline on the tread mill before realizing that is was up a bit half way thru my workoutnlike yesterday. Today i only had time to go on the tread mill for 20 minutes bf it was time to go back to my room for lunch. Good thing I didn't do weights today because when I got back up to my room my sugars were 2.4 just a little on the low side prob would have passed out had I stayed working out. My diabetes has been really well controlled now that then insulin has been tweaked like 20 times. Right now I only have to take three needles a day. It sounds like list but before I was up to 4-5 needles. And I only have to take it once in morning once at night and once at supper depending on what my blood sugar is. So as long as I eat breakfast and lunch I'm good and don't have to take anything not even with snacks. Always a plus when there are less needles involved. Today I started yet another job! So body builder in the morning, fighter pilot at night and now pop star during the day. They finally found an oxy Arm aka the Britney. It looks like the microphone head piece she wears during concerts. Yo can either direct the oxygen flow towards mouth or nose and it kept my oxygen levels up all day tomorrow I will test walking arond with it on to see if my levels are still good. This is giving my nose a break from the nasal canulas and hopefully it heals. I will post picture on face book and eventually here but for now on Facebook is were the pictures are at under "hospital life" album.

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