My Story From The Begining

Monday, 1 April 2013

Just Another Adventure in the Land of Life!- March 20-25, 2013

March 12,2013 I had a Dr appointment in Edmonton with my transplant team and had been feeling short of breath,tired and no energy for about three weeks thought I better go get things checked out. My PFT (pulmonary function tests) and they were the same as the last two ones I have had so I was sent for x-rays to see if I had a lung infection or what was going on with these lobes. It turns out I had fluid on my left lobe which wasn't anything new I had dealt with this in the past so my Dr tried to book me in for a drain to be put in to get the fluid drained off but of course the radiology department was booked and could not get me in till e next week so I s sent home still short of breath to wait. This was a Tuesday by the weekend I was even more short of breath so on Monday I called the clinic and I had to go to the U of A Emergency room on Wednesday March 20,2013 hoping I could get in faster to get my lung drained sooner and get some relief for my breathing. After some test x-rays,blood test and an ECG they decided I should be admitted so there I waited from 11am till 11pm exactly 12 hours for a bed upstairs on the ward. I thought for sure I would be stuck there over night. The emergency room is always entertaining but also gets boring after awhile. . So they found me a bed in the Gastroenterology ward but at least I have my own room and feel special because I have my own bathtub/shower. And if you know me you know how much I love to relax in my baths. On Friday March 22 I was brought downstairs to radiology to get my chest drain put in to finally drain the fluid off my lungs. The last chest drain they put in didn't hurt at all so I was hoping for the same results this time. They use an ultra sound to see the fluid and the best place to put the drain. However as the Dr was doing the ultra sound he said there wasn't enough fluid on my lung to make putting a drain in worth it but he had seen that I had sludge or something on my lungs. So phew I got out of having a drain out in but now what I was hoping the fluid on my lung would be the answer to my shortness of breath but now more tests and a consult with my transplant surgeon to see what can be done. So I was booked for a CT Scan, Lung Scan, Echocardiograph, blood gases, and more blood tests. I had all the tests on Monday March 25 and then waited for the results. Also Dr have been concerned about my weight loss. I've lost about 15 pounds the past year so now I'm a soaking 75 pounds. While I've been in the hospital since March 20 I have not even had to have any IV meds which is a nice change for me. I am however still connected to an oxygen leash which since coming in I've gone from needing 2.5 liters to 4 liters.

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