My Story From The Begining

Sunday, 11 September 2011

From the Beginning the FIRST WEEK!

Yeah so finally I am going to be able to update everyone at once instead of tell my story a million times Family and Friends please enjoy and I hope I can keep you all updated! Feel free to ask any questions and I will be able to eventually get back to you also if you want to talk to me text me first cause I am super busy these days! With treatments, phone calls, and messages.  Anyways I hope this blog is Helpful.

So from the beginning of my hospital stay (going on a month) Aug 21, 2011.

I came to Edmonton for a DR appointment in the beginning of July and my PTF (Pulmonary Function Tests) had dropped and I felt like I had a flu. So they did a Broncoscopy on me where they sedate you and look into your lungs and they can see weather there is infection or take biopsy's and what not I'm a pro at them by now I have had to get about one a year since my transplant 10 Years ago. My airways where clear and I had no signs of infection. So they treated me as an outpatient with 3 high dosages of Methoprednisone (steroids). They made me feel better but then I got home and felt like I had a flu and my breathing was worse so I came back up to the U of A Hospital in Edmonton and I was admitted July 22, 2011.

So as per usual they tried to start an IV and my wonderful veins still refuse to cooperate so four pokes later an IV was started. They started me on some IV antibiotics and of course two days later my stomachs digestion decides to slow down so I was in pain and pucking for two days. Also got a lovely tube put down my nose for a couple of days to get rid of gas and fluid from my stomach. It worked cause I was feeling pretty good afterward. Then what do you know my IV site decides to stop working because of my wonderful veins. They decided to try and find another vein cause the nurse was an expert in IVs he tried twice and then a second nurse tried again way up high in my are and even though I got an awesome bruise still no success with the IV. So the next step was putting in a PICC line. I got my PICC line put in after two attempts and because I have had so many PICC lines in the past my veins still where still not healed yet and I have tiny veins they had to use my left upper arm. It doesn't hurt to get a PICC line though when they where freezing it they hit a nerve and it made a weird sensation shoot down my are to my fingers. Anyways they put the line in and I had to ask if they started putting it in and the DR said they where done! Had an awesome nurse she even put on some relaxation music for me during the procedure. So now I was ready for the Big Gun Meds.

So they started me on IV meds just in case I was starting rejection of my lungs which is the next step if there are no signs of infection.. The first week here they started me on a rejection treatment (in simple terms it kills off my immune system/white blood cells that are trying to reject my lung) I had a total of 9 days of the first rejection treatment called RATGRAM.  Along with the RATGAM rejection treatment I received steroid treatments which made me eat like a horse and retain fluid like crazy.  I gained a total of 22 pounds in about 5 days from the steroid effect. I have never eaten so much in my life before I have having for breakfast every morning oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bowl of cherrios, cheese, tea, Homo milk, and juice.  Sometimes I would throw in a yogurt and some toast.  I ate that everyday for about a week and I would still be eating snacks and all of my lunch and supper there was never anything left on my tray!  When I was admitted I weighed 83 pounds and I went up to 105 pounds.  I felt like I was actually pregnant with all the fluid I had in my legs It has hard for me to walk without getting extreamly short of breath.  The DR decided that I needed to get some of the fluid off of me I agreed.  So they gave me Lasics and about 5 days later about as fast as I gained the weight I had lost it and was back down to my addmitted weight.  I thought that I had at least gained some weight from all the food I had been eating but nope it was all fluid.

 Tabitha and Brandi came and visited me one weekend when I still had all the fluid on me and I was able to go on a pass for a bit.  And Tabitha made the mistake of telling me she was going to pay for lunch.  I had warned her that I was eating alot because of the steroids but I don't think she believed me till she took me out for supper.  We went to our favorite resteraunt the Continenal Treat on Wyte Ave.  They have the best Dill Pickle soup there and all there other food is Delisous,  It is an Europeon Resteraunt I would highly recommend it.  I ordered a salad, soup, escargout, and the main course lamb chops.  Plus I ate some of Tabitha's and Brandi's meals.  What can I say it was good! Oh Thanks Again Taba for that meal sorry about your bank account though.  It was a beautiful day we  also went to a tea house before called Steeps I think it is our new favorite tea house as well very charming and good tea.  After supper we went and did a little shopping.  We went to this clothing store that sells vintage clothing and some really cute dresses Tabitha and I tried on a few dresses while Brandi entertained Jake.  We both tried on the same dress and usually I can never find anything that fits me but this dress auh fit me perfect in my new 105 pound frame.  I asked Tabitha how it looked and she said it looked good I felt a little self consious with my chubby legs but thought If Taba says it looks good it must.  I so wish I had gotten a picture that day cause no one would believe the size of me without that picture but Tabitha and Brandi know.  And so I bought the dress thinking I would be able to wear it one day! And guess what it is so to big for me I guess I will have to get it taken in a bit when I do decide to where it.  We now have a GREAT laugh when we talk about our shopping trip.  I will continue and post more later!

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