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Sunday, 11 September 2011

44 Days! A long Quick Tune up!

Finally Sept 3, 2011 I am heading home.  I missed pretty much all of summer but am glad I was in Edmonton at the U of A where I was able to get good treatment where there are plenty of resources for different treatments.  You are probably wondering why it has taken me so long to start this blog..... Maybe a bit of writers block!!! No I actually just needed to find the time even though I was in the hospital it still seemed like I never had enough time so now I am finding time and gonna do some back tracking and then hopefully keep up with it! So hear it goes I'm gonna try and use my memory and notes and let you all know what has been going on so ENJOY....

So to start off I am feeling and doing alot better then I was a month ago.  I am still receiving a few more rejection treatments to stop the rejection in my lungs but this last one I had on Friday didn't make me feel sick at all it actually has made my breathing feel better.  When I left the hospital on Friday I was still feeling short of breath and not 100% because I still had some fluid on my lungs which I retained during my last treatment.  So the first few nights at home where a bit of a struggle but I was so happy to be home and happy to spend time with my husband and my dog Ryder! 

So on Thursday Sept 8 my dad and I headed to Edmonton for my DR appointment and the last treatment of one of the rejection drugs.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn which was a nice new hotel.  We ordered chinease food that didn't arrive at our hotel room till almost 10:30 at night so needless to say by the time we got it we where both pretty tired. Anyways Friday I had a morning full of appointments.  I went and seen my lung transplant specialist where they went over the rejection treatment I was going to have and sent me for another chest x-ray.  We also went thru my meds and when I would come back and see them.  They want to see me back in two weeks the day we are to be moved off of the acreage! Busy Busy...Don't worry we are going to get movers I so don't need that stress.  Anyways I went for my x-ray and headed to medical outpatients for my IV rejection treatment. I still have my PICC line so getting blood tests is super easy.  They had to take 6 tubes of blood from me every morning while in the hospital so they could make sure all my med levels and other blood functions where good.  I should of started charging for it! They took blood tests from me so they can see if I still have bad anti bodies in my blood that where trying to attack my lungs.  Eventually I will get to explaining the rest of this antibody business.  If I don't have anymore bad antibodies then this will be my last rejection treatment but if there are still some they will do the last two rejection treatments of another drug.  So I sent my dad for lunch and told him I would probably be done my treatment in about 4 hours.  Before my treatment I received Lasics so I didn't retain fluid, Benaryl which makes me super tired and tylonal as a pre med to the rejection treatment.  Also a does of steroids...Ya the same ones that make me super hungry and FAT.. That story coming as well.  After all those treatments where done it actually took another 5 hours for the rejection treatment a total of almost 8 hours. Wow what a long day especially since I was only planning on being the for four hours.  It was long but I did alot of visiting with people and learn't a thing or two about what other people are going thru!  So the next few post are gonna be all about what has been going on so give me a few days and you all should be caught up!  Also don't mind the spelling I was never good in English and probably never will be.  Have a Good Night Everyone!

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