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Monday, 1 April 2013

Finally Some Answers-March 28,2013

Finally talked to my dr today and he had a meeting with my surgeon about me. My surgeon looked at my scans and said that he is willing to do a transplant. He is known as the best lung surgeon here and did my first living lobar lung transplant. He is the only one that would be willing to do the surgery bc of the risks. Dr also told me there is nothing else they can do in regards to try and stop the rejection and don't want to risk my Body getting more because it wouldn't be good if I had the transplant and killing more of my immune system will not benefit me right now. I was also told that in order to qualify I need to put on some weight so I'm booked to get another feeding tube put in tomorrow April 2,2013 hoping this will help me put on weight bc I have been eating pretty much everything on my meal tray and still managed to lose weight bc of my breathing difficult my body is using most of my food energy to breath. When my Dr of 12 years was telling me the news either it's a transplant or lung failure he had tears in his eyes. Man how do Dr deal with having to give their patients this kind of news! So I called my parents and my husband and told them they needed to come in for the Easter weekend so my dr could explain what was going on with my lungs. I had prepared my family back in December that this day was coming but having to call my mom and tell her the news and my Dr wanted to speak with them was one of the most difficult thing for me to do. Also Surgeon has to come up with a plan to decide if it is better for me to have a lung transplant or heart/lung transplant because of the scar tissue it may be easier to put in a set of lungs and heart instead of trying to piece in new lungs. But they still have to look into both surgeries. My parents and husband came in on Saturday March 30 to get the news and details of the plans for my future. My Dr explained to them pretty much what I wrote in the previous paragraph. They all handled the news really well and we were really strong with only a few tears shed. It is best to be totally honest with family as to what is going on with my health so they can better prepare for the future as well. I didn't tell my sister Tabitha till last night March 31 bc I wanted her to enjoy her new bundle of joy. Back in December I told her that I was probably heading towards a transplant but wasn't sure if when the time came if I would consider another transplant. But when I told Tabitha I assured her that I was willing to do anything to be on this earth longer. I still haven't told my sister Brandi till tonight because she has been stressed out so I want to wait till she is feeling a bit better. I believe that God already has a plan laid out for me so whether or not I decide to go on the transplant list it is already planned out for me. I am so grateful that God had a plan for me to enjoy so many things over the past 12 years. I am grateful I got to travel, get married, meet my 3 nieces and 3 nephews,and have a pretty healthy life over those years. Nothing was ever taken for granted.

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