My Story From The Begining

Monday, 15 April 2013

Back to Familiar Grounds- April 11-12,2013

April 11,2013 So the past couple of days I have been having more trouble breathing. Just getting up to walk to the washroom is a struggle. I am having to take three different puffers several times a day just to catch my breath. It takes a good 10 minutes for me to recover from walking that short distance. So Dr Weinkauf one of the three transplant docs decided I may have an infection coming and should get on top of it. So after being here for three weeks I am now for the first time having to get IV meds. This is very strange for me not to have had any IV meds since arriving usually they are piling them up on me as soon as I get in. So I am now on piperacillin one of the many go to drugs I get when there is an infection brewing. Also he increased my steroid dosage from my regular 5mg a day to 20 mg a day. The bonus of getting extra prednisone is it usually works pretty good for opening up the lungs and helping me breath and it makes me hungry all the time so now my appetite is starting to increase which is nice because honestly I need something to help get me past the same boring menus that haven't changed in the past 12 years that I have been coming to this hospital. It is good that I get to some what pick what I want to eat but am limited to option there as well. Also he suggested that I try going on a bipap machine at night to see if it will help get some more air down into my lungs while I'm sleeping possibly helping with my fatigue during the day and maybe help open up some of my lobe. BiPAP therapy is positive airway pressure that helps open up the lungs when breathing I. And out. The BiPAP machine is used to detect how much pressure a patient needs and supplies the adequate amount of air pressure on inhalation and exhalation. The dual settings of a BiPAP machine helps get more air into and out of the lungs without the normal muscular activity needed to do so. I agreed that I would be will to try the BiPAP machine right now I'm willing to try anything to get some relief. I had been put on a BiPAP machine several years ago before my lung transplant but refused to wear it more then 5 minutes because the mask made me claustrophobic and the dr who was treating me at the time was a resident and didn't know really any of my previous medical history. So in order to be on the BiPAP machine I had to be moved to a different unit the same unit that I have spent most of my time while in the hospital. So much time before transplant that I have been in every room on the ward but one. This ward is the pulmonary medicine ward where there are respiratory therapists there 24/7 to run and monitor the patients on BiPAP and ventilators and such. So on my way back to 5E3 "were everybody knows my name and things are always the same". When I was first admitted to hospital I packed 1 bag but enough stuff that if I was going to stay awhile I should be good. Well I guess not bc the three weeks I was on the gastro ward I have some how collected enough stuff to fill 6-7 hospital bags a full cart of stuff. Better then last time I was in I had my own office set up photocopier, fax machine, lap top the works for my own in patient office. So I thought this time I was doing a lot better. I know I have a lot more to say but I am super exhausted after the day and wanted to post something on my blog last night but a weeks worth of info is a lot. I thought I would get it done tonight but that's gonna be mission impossible. So for now I leave you all with my current up date and hope to get the rest done tomorrow then hopefully things will slow down here a bit and I can update it every two days instead of once a week. I know that the people that are following my blog are waiting patiently for me to post more news so here is some more hope you enjoy! Good Night and God Bless. I'm off on a mission now (will explain that in my next entry) Also pictures to come soon as well.


  1. Hi Amie,
    I just have to tell you that you're right up there with Oprah Winfrey when it comes to inspiring me!I haven't made it to your blog for a few days so I had some catching up to do. I wish that I lived closer to Edmonton because I'd be up to that hospital in a heartbeat so that I could give you a big old bear hug! You're amazing.... I LOVE your faith, your lack of bitterness, your appreciation for life, your hard work at keeping us informed of your day-to-day activities in spite of low energy levels. Please know how much you're appreciated and loved! Love and prayers continue to go with you on this new leg of your journey...XOX

  2. ditto to inspirational wow u r amazing!