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Monday, 1 April 2013

Test Results Back-March 26,2013

In June to Sept of 2011 I was in the hospital for six weeks dealing with rejection of my left lung. My body had built up anti bodies towards my donor Richards lobe so after getting blood from both my donors Richard who flew down from Florida and my dad the test results came back that my body was building up the anti bodies towards Richards lobe. So they tried four different anti rejection treatments trying to stop the lung from being rejected. They were able to slow down the rejection but wernt able to stop it soon enough to do some damage to the left lobe March 26, 2013 Now my test results showed on my lung scan that my left lobe is starting to die. My heart is pumping blood to the lobe but the lobe is not able to return oxygenated blood to my heart causing my right lobe to have to do most of the work for breathing. My left lobe is functioning at about 10% and my right lobe is just slightly reduced. I am waiting to get copies of my test results so I can better explain everything or make sure I'm not explaining it wrong. Most people including Pope Francis can live off of one lung but because I only have lobes and one isn't functioning well I am guessing my lungs are functioning at about 15-20% of what a normal persons lungs would be. So my Dr explained to me that he needed my transplant surgeon to look at the scans to see if anything can be done. He also explained to me that I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place that I will more then likely need another transplant to survive or I can just live out my life until my lungs eventually fail. A second transplant is risky bc of scar tissue from my first transplant,the rejection drugs I've been on for the past 12 years,diabeties, stomach issue, and when I battled cervical cancer the chemotherapy and radiation affects cells in the body as well. My first transplant I had a 95% chance of surviving one year for a second transplant it's about 75% bc of all the mentioned risks. Also it was tough to get a lung transplant the first time and I eventually had to do a living lobar so If I go on the transplant list again I would have even less of a chance of getting lungs then the first transplant bc my body has built up anti bodies towards certain people's blood and tissue so I would have to wait for lungs that would be the proper size, blood and tissue type. And I don't even know if my surgeon would be willing to do another transplant. So still a bit in the air with whats happening till thunders and surgeon can meet.

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