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Thursday, 4 April 2013

NG Tube-0 Fainting Nurse-Priceless-April 1,2013

Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Easter Weekend and hopefully you didn't fall for any April Fool Jokes! Today I am getting prepared to get my feeding tube put in so I can try and become a "Fatty" and put on the weight I will need to go thru transplant. So I start to fast at 6pm and am only aloud sips of water so I can take my medications. I am also starting an IV medication called Pepcid (famotidine) which reduces the acid in my stomach. I also have to get an NG tube put down my nose so that it can be completely empty and have no fluids. The NG tube usually hurts my throat but I can handle it for a couple days. It also gets in the way when trying to sleep or walk around. Actually the last time I had an NG tube in I accidentally pulled it out by getting the cord caught on the edge of the toilet seat. Yikes! So at 9pm the nurses are finally ready to insert the NG tube which I am not looking forward to but have had them several times before so I'm a pro at getting one put in. My nurse and a student who is working her first shift prepare to put the NG tube in. The student nurse just stands back and watches. So my nose has been really dry and stuffy because of the oxygen I now have to wear 24 hrs a day. The nurse tried my right nostril and could not abet the tube put in so I let her try again but on the left side. So she attempts to put it in the left side and all of a sudden I start couphing up blood because she nicked the back of my nose it was almost in but she had to stop and attend to the student nurse who almost passed out hit the floor. The nurse ran over and caught her. She couldn't even stand her legs where like jello and she had no clue where she was. The nurses had to call the medical team to come and see what was wrong with her. She ended up having to go to emergency and eventually came back up stairs to work. She had panicked when she saw the blood coming out of my mouth and she hadn't seen that before. So I'm hoping it wasn't a sign that she chose the wrong career. So since it took so long for them to attend to the student nurse they are going to try and put the tube in tomorrow morning.

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