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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend April 12-14, 2013

Friday April 12, 2013 Well today was my fat Friday which is wear I get woken up at 7:30am to hop onba scale and see if I gained any weight since Tuesday. They are very particular that I get weighed at the same time every Tuesday and Friday and before I put any food in me. So today I weighed in at 35.8 kg (78.7 pounds) that is up .6 of a pound from last Tuesday when I weighed in at 35.5 kg (78.1 pounds). So it's not much but I'll take it bc it's going higher. Next weigh in is Tuesday so this weekend I'm going to just try and lay around and get fat! As per my physio therapist instructions. I had a busy weekend with lots of visitors. Enjoyed it very much and am so appreciative for the visits and the gifts everyone has been bringing me. I feel to spoiled! So now I guess I should explain my new nightly fighter pilot job and missions. The BiPAP machine mask covers my nose and mouth and makes me feel and look like I'm training to be a fighter pilot. So far I am able to wear the mask for about three hours a night it makes me feel super closterfobic and it drys out my nose and mouth so Im trying to get use to it. Been using it about three nights now. Not sure if it is working or not yet. I basically fall asleep with it off and wake up three hours later and have to take it off it's like wind blowing in your fad while your trying to sleep. And the smallest mast they have is still super huge on me. Pictures posted on Facebook under my Hospital stay album. It is hard to get adjusted to how to breath with it I keep trying to think of how I am breathing and weather I should be breathing thru my mouth or nose. It doesn't really matter but when I breath thru my mouth I get more air into my lungs. So I'm having trouble falling asleep but once I'm asleep I'm fine and I just breathe naturally. Also when I'm sleeping with it on I dream I'm a fighter pilot I almost crashed the plane so when I woke up I had to take it off right away. Hmmm maybe some of the meds are kicking In a little to goods. I can't write my blog without writing about Ryders adventure this weekend. For those of you that don't Ryder is my 140 pound Bull Mastiff he is like my child. Anyways on Friday while I was visiting with Gina and Leanne my Kinette friends my cell rings and I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer it. But then they called right back so I answered my cell and the guy on the other line asked if I was missing a dog. I said I don't know if I'm missing a dog he is currently at my parents house this weekend. I asked the guy if he could stay were he was at till I could contact my dad who was watching him. Funny thing though about 20 minutes before I received the phone call I had a feeling and thoughtn I would text my dad and ask him how Ryder was doing. He texted me back and said "we are at the shop with the dogs" and Tabitha texted me as well and said "we are just working on a goup project" I didn't get that text till later on anyways. I called my dad and when he answered the phone I could tell he seemed really worried and panicked. I Told him I just got a call that someone found Ryder in the ditch on the highway. That's what the guy told me when I talked to him. Right away my heart sank as so did my dads. Thank God he was in the ditch but not hurt. He had just crossed highway 16 and was hanging out between the two major highways. My dad explained to me that they had been looking for him for a couple hours and were so worried that they were going to have to call me and tell me they lost my SON. Anyways needless to say Ryder didn't leave my parents site for the rest of the weekend. I had also literally just got him micro chipped and tags put on him about a week or so before I came into the hospital. I would not imagine what would have happened had there been no tags on him. Oh and while Ryder was on his adventure he somehow got some oil on his paws and got it all over my mom and dads house. So needless to say mom and dad prob didn't have then best experience this weekend. I am so happy everything turned out and Ryder was safe. Don't worry dad Ryder is still going to come for sleep overs at grandpa and grandmas. Anyways not much happens around here on weekends in regards to test and what not. Just get a lot of time to get in visits! So Im off on a Mission for the night hope everyone had a good weekend! Good night!

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