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Monday, 1 April 2013

Meanwhile In North Battleford-March 27,2013

While I wait in the hospital for the test results I get a call on March 27, 2013 that I had just become an Auntie to a beautiful baby boy!! Born 9 pounds with lots of hair. Tabitha said it was a perfect delivery and she was even sipping tea just before he was born. Of course she decided to get an epidural this time unlike when she had Jake she thought she would be tough for her first baby. I was honored to here that Jamie and Tabitha had honored me by naming the baby name after me. Hadley Ames Ballan. So now I have 3 Nieces and 3 Nephews and Love each and everyone of them. So now Tabitha and I are both in the hospital in two different provinces but it didn't stop us from comparing our daily meal menus! I think mine was better a few times bc I am able to choose my menu and add stuff to it bc they are trying to fatten me up!

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