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Friday, 3 May 2013

Lazy Friday! And Latest Weight Report! May 3, 2013

Today was my day to relax I took a day off from my daily routine and just caught up on rest and some relaxation. I didn't sleep very good last night I think I got about three hours sleep.

I have been getting my blood sugars tested at 3am for the past few nights because I have been having high blood sugars during the night so my insulin was adjusted and I have to be tested for the next few days to make sure I'm not getting to much insulin and I am going low in the middle of the night.

I have also not been able to wear the BiPAP machine very long at night because it makes my mouth and throat very dry and the hospital being so dry doesn't help much. There is a humitifier attached to it by the machine they had me on only has two settings making it to warm for me at the lowest setting. So tonight I am being put on a machine that is much smaller and is more like the one that I will have at home if I end up needing it at home. It has alot more settings for the humidity so hoping it is more cool and humid when I try it out tonight. Still has the same fighter pilot mask though so will prob only be able to go on shorter misisons!

I woke up a few times during the night and couldn't fall back alseep and then at 6am I was woken up so I could get a Blood Gas done while wearing the BiPAP machine to see what my oxygen levels are in my blood. They take the blood from the main artery in my wrist so doesn't feel all that nice especially if a nerve is hit. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and the Respitory Therapist doing it did a good job this morning my wrist is just a little bruised and sore.

So at 7 I am woken up again for my vital signs to be taken, then at 7:30 it is weigh in now a daily event. Then at 8 I am woken up again and told my breakfast is there and I need to take my blood sugars and do my meds. Then again at 8:30 I am told that my tube feed needs to be disconnected bc it was almost empty so I had to get up and unhook and flush it. I am so exhausted from the week that I just need to get a solid hour sleep. So after I eat my breakfast and can hardly stay awake. I let my nurse know that I am to exhausted and will not be going to physio today. So around 10:30 I finally crash and am not woken up till noon when I am reminded that my lunch is waiting and I need to check my blood sugars! Not complaining but sometime a girl has got to get her beauty sleep.

I got to see my Dr today bc of my morning schedule of classes and physio I have missed him for the last four days so today I wanted to see what the plan is for a going home date. My nutritionist had told me that possibly in a week or two was the rumor but after discussing it with my dr he suggested that I stay till I am at least finished my 6week program and I am a bit stronger and have put on more weight. So now looking like till the beginning of June. I'm not pushing to go home yet and agree with the doctor that I need to be good and sting before I leave incase I get the call for a transplant or if I get any type of infection. Also waiting on approval for home tube feed supplies and BiPAP approval

Dietitian came in today and went over a few thing with regard to the home nutrition program. She also has been getting me weighed daily to see if there is a trend happening with my weight. I know your all waiting for the number but you'll have to wait a few more sentences. I am currently still getting an additional 1500 calories a night on top of the approx 1500 calories I get during the day. The dietician wants me to increase to an extra can of formula during the day to see if the extra 500 calories will work. So now the weigh in reports.

April 26- 36.4 kg (80.1 pounds)
April 27- 36.3 kg (79.9 pounds)
April 30- 37.8 kg (83.2 pounds)
May 1- 37.1 kg (81.6 pounds)
May. 5- 37.1 kg (81.6 pounds)

So when getting weighed daily it is usually up and down but I'm averaging about two pounds a week which is an ideal weight gain amount per week. Hoping for it to go up a bit faster though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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