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Monday, 6 May 2013

Family Visit! April 27-28 2013

Had an awesome weekend visiting with the family!

Dad, Mom, Rod, Brandi, Tabitha, Jaimie, Dallyn, Jake, Hadley and of course Ryder all came for a visit.

I got to go on a pass and we all went for supper at one of our favorite Restaurant "The Continental Treat" it's on Whyte ave. It has been there for forty years or so and is hard to notice but it's has the best dill pickle soup in town! It serves polish food like weinersnitzel, lamb, and all different types of food and I haven't had anything bad from there yet. Defiantly recommend worth a visit!

After supper we all went to the hotel across from the hospital to visit at the hotel rooms my parents, brother-in-law, sister and kids were staying at. I got a super deal on the hotel rooms for them thru I get deals from them when purchasing hotel rooms and they had a deal on for the rooms only ended up costing them around $14.00 yes that's fourteen dollars! Score prob never have that happen again two room suites for the price of a meal. It was nice just to sit around and talk and hang out with everyone. I brought Jakes birthday gift for him to open because I missed his birthday and wanted to watch him open it. He was so excited to get a truck with a quad and dirt bike with his own dog and hunter. We found it at cabbalas awhile back and thought it would be a perfect gift for him. Also I bought him a huge pop up book at the hospital that Tabitha thanked me for. She said thanks I already feel like a packed mule with having to carry around all the baby stuff and now Jake was probably going to want her to pack the book that was probably almost the same size as Him. Your Welcome Taba! Spent some of the night trying to figure out how to make bracelets from a kit Dallyn picked out. Finally Dallyn just took the kit and figured it out himself and made me a nice bracelet that I wear on my right arm!

While we where at the hospital waiting for everyone to get there before going for supper we got to watch the stars air ambulance land twice on top of the hospital. The one time the helicopter had to go in for a second attempt can't say for sure but it looked windy up there. Tried to get it on video but it's a much better view live.

When Rod and Ryder got hear I was so excited to see him he was quit excited to see me as well. It has a nice day out so we hung outside while we waited for everyone to get here. Ryder sure does get a lot of attention from all the patients walking by. Some of them are scared and totally walk as far away from him as possible but others and kids got a few good pets in.

I truly enjoyed spending time with family couldn't of asked for a better weekend wished the girls were here as well and we could all had some good visits and laughs and a few tears!

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