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Monday, 6 May 2013

Begining to feel like Work! April 24-26, 2013

I'm gonna start off by saying I have had to read my previous posts to see were I left off and I realized Wow my spelling really is terrible. I'm gonna blame it on the ipad. I think most people get the jyste of what I am trying to say. Hopefully! I'm beginning to feel like being here is like having a job everything is so scheduled and busy for me it seems like I haven't had time to relax lately. I'm even having to work my schedule around my visitors. But keeping busy defiantly helps pass the time and keep my mind occupied. I have officially started the 6 week physio program with a new group of people. Even though I've already been exercising at the gym for a week now Thursday April 25 was the first class with the new group of people waiting for lung transplants. There are 7 in the group with people from all around Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our first class together was Wellness Through Relaxation. It taught us different ways to relax and try to be stress free. Everyone introduced themselves in the class but it was a very quiet group. Not sure what has happened to me but I've gone from being super shy when I was in high school not that long ago! Ok maybe it was a w years ago to being able to be the most talkative person in the class. I am the only one in the group waiting for a second transplant everyone is waiting for there first so they don't know what to expect. So I thought I would speak up and tell them a bit about my transplant and what I have gone thru. They said it helped a lot knowing I had my transplant 12 years ago and have such a positive attitude towards everything I explained that rest is really important and being stress free. Or trying to at least. The occupational therapist did an exercise at the end of the class were we closed our eyes and listened to a short story she read out loud. I so almost fell asleep and was really into it I love using different relaxation techniques they really help with stress. This week my blood pressure has still been really high so my doctor increased my Ramapril and put me on another blood pressure pill Metoporal. My dr said my blood pressure is high bc one of my anti rejection drugs Tacrolimus is actually at a normal level and one of the side effects is high blood pressure. This usually happens when I'm in the hospital then when I am home I just take a low dosage blood pressure pill. I think while in hospital though it is pretty easy to take my pills at the exact same time everyday and have blood levels drawn at the right time as well. Were at home it isn't always an exact time between when I take my pills in the morning and whe. I get called in to get my blood taken. That wait can sometimes be an hour or more. I had a discussion with my doctor about waiting for organs to become available and how lots of people put there life on hold while waiting for a transplant because they think the organs will come and that just isn't always the case. He said not to put my life on hold just continue living as much as possible and don't wait to do things. Also don't over do it either make sure to know the limits if I am feeling unwell or tired be sure to rest as well. I believe it is important to spend time with family and friends and take it one day at a time enjoying every moment. Well that's all I have in me Tonight will update more tomorrow

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